The arts are classified as the humanities, it can bring us an understanding of ourselves and the world around us. For me, it is, as important as the air we breath. Another important aspect for us, is to be kind to mother earth and find ways to help her along. Our relationship with the ranch is an important one. We strive to respect the earth. 

    I have been a graphic artist for many years, producing the National Ceramic arts magazine, titled Contact Magazine, for 8 consecutive years, I have designed and published several books, my first being the TNT Cookbook, a nutritional snacks recipe book. Others have been the Centre of the World by poet Murdock Burnett, and the Heartland Cookbook, which won gold in Alberta and bronze internationally for design and production.

    I am currently raising and training Pinto horses. I have been riding for over 18 years and now have found a deeper relationship with training my own horses, ones that I have raised since birth. Horses too, allow us a deeper understanding of patience and communication. Living in the country has provided an unmatched peace and close understanding of our human relationship with the earth. We welcome guests to share this peaceful, respectful understanding while they visit.

    Another major part of my life has been the establishment and running of ArtLink Inc.  I started ArtLink in 1983, a marketing agency for the arts. I promoted  established artists who made large scale public works of art; being Sculpture, Murals, Stained Glass, or Fiber artwork for public spaces. I would encourage Calgary to place public works of art in the streets where people could interact with the art. In addition, I organized and ran several successful arts festivals in Calgary, including a founding board member of the most successful festival in Calgary, called The Lilac Festival on 4th Street south west.  Street Studios, outdoor artist studio festival running every weekend in August, with 5 blocks of artists and two stages on Steven Avenue Mall.  In the last three years I was a business consultant for the Alberta Government, helping new businesses set up and effectively market their new business. With extensive market research and planning, I helped hundreds of clients set up and run their businesses successfully in central Alberta.

 The following are some articles that have been written about our ArtLink projects.   


Articles and Press on Wendy L. Morrison




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3000 foot Mural at Lindsay Park Pool

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