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Wall Street Ranch organic Garden.


Organic Square Bales: Why feed poisons to your horse? This year we have weed less  organic hay bales rich in protein and fiber to keep your animals healthy and well fed. Our bales are a mix of Timothy, Smooth Brome Grass, Orchard Grass, Alfalfa.

Price:$5.00 sq. bale


Echinacea Seed: $3.00  pkg.

Echinacea Tea: $10.00  pkg.

Wild Mint Tea: $10.00 pkg.

Wendy Morrison and Ron Halliday believe that  when we can, the food we eat should have no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Each spring we have worked a massive garden growing  beautiful organic snow peas, potatoes, spinach, sunflowers, cranberries, and Echinacea. Vegetables grown in the garden contained high food energy  and no chemical fertilizer or pesticides.

 As a matter of fact, the entire 157 acres,  has an never has been sprayed or chemically fertilized in the history of the land.

We did meet the original homesteader, who cleared the land with horses." Now those were homesteaders!"

During fall months, fresh organic produce will be available for sale at the WSR.

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