Wildlife Reserve and Bird Watching





The Wall Street Ranch is the furthest thing from New York City that you may find.... The once dirt road was named Wall Street Road for an homesick early homesteader from New York City. The locals thought that this would make her feel more at home to bring Wall Street to Spruce View.

Of the 157 acres,  there are 80 acres of untouched nature reserve with several exceptional observation sites. Silence, patience, and the thrill of being part of nature, allows you to see wildlife in its natural state, and be a visitor in their home.

There have been several spottings of the Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Moose, Owls, Coyotes and even Cranes who share the land. Come watch in silence. These photos are all  taken at the Wall Street Ranch.

So bring your camera, your folding chair or blanket and be patient.

Our resident owl in flight. Action shot by Randy Jenzen


Wildlife photography at its best, here at Wall Street Ranch




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